Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Palisades

So, I'm a liar. I can't blog the Palisades, at least not with a tour you can follow. Ms. Jennifer Fais of the Southern Tier Central Regional Planning and Development Board graciously answered my request for information, providing absolutely perfect pictures.

A new look at something familiar. The Palisades have been with us all along. They can be seen from Route 352. And perhaps can be enjoyed from the overlook on Harris Hill, or perhaps the one at Gleason Meadows. I will post photos when I can take them from either of those sites. Be advised: the overlook at Harris Hill is easy and I will post it shortly, along with many photos from the park. Unfortunately, the Gleason Meadows overlook is quite a hike. Strenuous, I mean, although definitely rewarding. Still, the challenge presented by the hillside there is daunting for me these days.

Scroll down, and look at the "Cool Green Hills of Earth."

Little Pond

Many locals may recognize this setting. It is south of Route 352, headed towards Corning from Elmira, shortly before Smithome Farms. In the midst of lovely cropland. On the other side of the highway is Harris Hill.
So. Tier Ctrl. Reg. Plan. & Dev. Bd.

Here they are. The "Palisades." It's no wonder where they derive their name. They do look like a fence of stakes set into the earth.
So. Tier Ctrl. Reg. Plan. & Dev. Bd.