Saturday, July 23, 2005

RiverDogging Fitch's Bridge Access Site

Took Granddog to Golden Glow to visit and check on Willie and Bree, who are house-sitting. On the way, I let her wade the river's edge at an older access site adjacent to Fitch's Bridge to the Glow. The Chemung is very low right now, and the flats are all rocky, just perfect for a little dog to explore.

Some fishermen, but no catches in evidence. Saw lots of insects skeetering across the water, but nothing rising to them. Once again, as I often will, caught myself wishing for a canoe. Can't imagine that Ellie would be terrible thrilled with such an arrangement, though.

If you are new to this site: scrolling down will show our latest access ramp, as well as things to see around the river, itself.

Little Pond